“Walla In Your Faces” competes at Red Monkey Trivia Night!

For most of the week, the Walla Faces Team works hard to create a great experience for the guests in our tasting rooms and inns.  But on Tuesday nights, it’s time to relax with a night of trivia at the Red Monkey Bar and Lounge in downtown Walla Walla!

Beginning at 7:00, the typical Red Monkey Trivia Night consists of five rounds of ten questions each: the first two are often themed (topics have included Latin animal names, science facts, Gandalf-or-Dumbledore quote identification ), the third is a “picture round” where teams must identify visual images printed on sheets that the host hands out, the fourth is often a movie related round, and the fifth is an “audio round” that tests players’ ability to identify sound clip that can encompass anything from hip hop samples, to musicals, to the sounds of symphonic instruments.  There’s something for everyone at trivia night.  The prize—an eight foot trophy with a monkey on top, ceremoniously presented to the winning team at the beginning of the next week’s game, and, after eight weeks, a bunch of tickets to events at the county fair.

This past Tuesday, we headed to the Red Monkey at 6:30 to save a table big enough for our group (it gets full quick!).  After ordering drinks, dinner, and some delicious Gorgonzola fries, we scribbled our usual team name—“Walla in your Faces”—on the first of our five answer sheets.  The first two rounds were general trivia.  The third was not the usual picture round, but one that required teams to examine three words and come up with another word related to all three—as in “football, car, flying” (the answer was “squad”).  For the first time, we were ahead of everyone after round four!  But the audio round is always our weakness, and this time our sparse knowledge of country music held us back.

At least the fries were delicious…we’ll get that trophy next week!

The Walla Faces Team competes at Red Monkey Trivia Night every Tuesday at 7:00pm.   Inn guests are welcome to join us as part of the team!