Walla Faces had an amazing menu of food and wine pairings!

Once again, our delicious menu of tapas catered by Sipid Bites paired perfectly with the Walla Faces wines.

We paired the Fusion with a stuffed mushroom. The rich and intense Rogue Creamery Bleu cheese had a hint of perfume of lemon. It surrounded pieces of pancetta in a crimini, perfectly harmonizing with the smoothness of the Fusion. This was the crowd favorite. One couple was so enamored with the pairing that we had to call Sarah, the Chef, out of the kitchen to come meet them!


The Syrah was paired with a unique grilled cheese sandwich: the smokey and creamy Gouda played off of the tartness of a Rainier cherry chutney in the perfect brioche bread.


The Riesling was paired with a delicious, light pastry. The airy puffs were rolled with parmesan, lemon zest, fresh parsley and lemon thyme, creating a summery combination when added to the Riesling.


Finally, my favorite pairing was the ice wine. A sweet thick apricot was topped with toasted sage and wrapped in mapley bacon. People who visit the Tasting Room often are unsure of what they should pair with the ice wine. I typically recommend a savory pairing. Bacon plays off of the ice wine perfectly, balancing out the sweetness. The apricot nose of the ice wine finds its counterpart in the juicy, roasted apricot in the tapas. Hopefully this will help inspire some of you to come up with some great, creative pairings to go with the Walla Faces ice wine!

These pairings happen every Wednesday (6-8pm) and Sunday (3-6pm). We’re changing up the menu on Sunday, so come see what other fun pairings we have up our sleeves!