Walla Faces Spotlight: Lori Fischer and Winery Tours Walla Walla

Walla Walla Winery Incubators

Lori taking a group to the Walla Faces winery at the Incubators

This week’s Walla Faces spotlight will feature Lori Fischer, owner of Winery Tours Walla Walla! Lori has been in the wine tour business four years, after retiring from her previous job as a middle school teacher in the greater Seattle area. With the Cabernet Cab, Lori takes wine lovers on fun, friendly, behind-the-scene custom tours of Walla Walla wineries.

There are a number of things that make Lori’s wine tours stand out in Walla Walla… Winery Tours Walla Walla is one of the few Washington State licensed wine tour companies in the area, and Lori is a trained and licensed chauffer. Every wine tour is five hours long and includes a complimentary lunch, bottled water, and chocolates. The wine tours may include wineries that clients wish to visit, and those Lori might recommend. She works hard to create working relationships with many wineries, wine makers and owners. A tour with Lori can assure you and your guests wonderful tasting room experiences. She can even help to schedule behind-the-scenes tours of wineries’ vineyards, production areas, and more! (All appointments for behind-the-scenes tours must be made in advance.) As the owner of a wine tour company, Lori loves to teach people about the Walla Walla wine industry and wine etiquette, and can tailor tours based on a client’s preferences for wine varietals or price points. While weekends usually book first with wine tour appointments, Lori can schedule and plan great wine tours for any day of the week. In fact, she recommends booking wine tours on a weekday to beat the Walla Walla weekend wine tasting rush.

Fischer Tours

Winery Tours Walla Walla Van

With a straightforward but friendly attitude about her wine tours and proper wine etiquette, Lori wants to make sure that her clients are able to have fun and leave the tour with a greater appreciation for wonderful Walla Walla wine. We have a great relationship with Lori, and from time to time she even takes people on her wine tours up for a tour of the Walla Faces vineyards! If you’re coming to Walla Walla and would like a chauffeured wine tour, be sure to look up Lori and her Cabernet Cab. We hope to see you soon in our tasting room!

You can reach Lori Fischer via email or phone at 509.540.9518.  Check out her website!

Walla Faces Spotlight: Black Tie Wine Tours

Black Tie Tours Walla WallaIn our new blog series, we will be featuring community members, businesses, and Walla Faces friends! Our first interview with Brian Gaines was a huge success, and thank you again to all who have supported Brian over the years. Our featured friend for this week is Black Tie Wine Tours, a wine tour and transportation company in the area who has been providing convenient and luxury wine tours to the Walla Walla area for around nine years. I talked with Amy, the Black Tie Wine Tours manager, about the business and wine tours in the Walla Walla area.
Black Tie Wine Tours caters not only to Walla Walla tourists, but also to community members who want to safely enjoy all that the Walla Walla Valley has to offer. After all, Black Tie aims to provide the best wine-tasting experience possible to its patrons! Their fleet consists of limos, vans, town cars, and stretch SUVs that are all licensed, insured, and have passed stringent industry inspections and follow regulations. All drivers have been chauffer-trained, and the business prides itself on its longstanding reputation as one of the most professional wine tour services in the area.
Black Tie is happy to help clients create a wine tasting route, or to follow a previously planned route. They encourage clients to send in an itinerary ahead of time if they have wineries in mind to plan an efficient and logical route, and to notify wineries ahead of time of large tasting groups. However, they recommend that for the best, most authentic wine tasting experience while using their services, clients should explore the wineries outside of the downtown area that is only really accessible by car. (Black Tie strongly encourages wine tasting in the downtown area as well, but by foot! Driving, parking, and traffic can create inconveniences and cut into wine tasting time…)
Amy says that the best part about working for Black Tie is the people she meets while working, and providing a fun and safe way for wine tasters to explore the Walla Walla Valley wineries. In the future, Amy hopes to see Black Tie and other wine tour companies in the area develop greater solidarity in order to provide more available transportation services to Walla Walla. Additionally, she hopes to strengthen bonds between Black Tie and other wineries in the area to provide the best wine tasting experience possible for tourists and community members alike.
Thanks Black Tie, for all that you do!

You can call Black Tie at 509-525-8585,  email a reservation to reservations@blacktiewinetours.com, or visit their website here.