In Walla Walla, February is for Foodies

It may be cold and sunny in Walla Walla during February, but things are cooking here! Literally! Here in Walla Walla, it’s all about food and culture for this entire month. At least, that’s what the “February is for Foodies” promotion suggests, which is about to kick off its third annual iteration.

Started in 2012 as a way to promote local restaurants and wineries in the middle of the otherwise slow season, Tourism Walla Walla’s month-long promotion offers visitors a special glimpse of Walla Walla’s gourmet culture.

Many of the local restaurants are joining in the celebration by offering special menu items throughout the month of February. One of our favorites, T. Maccarone’s, is hosting a “Sommelier’s Valentine Wine Dinner” on Sunday the 16th. And for a breakfast or lunch option, Maple Counter Café is presenting White Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes, drizzled with their homemade Lemon Curd Anglaise. Oh my!

For home chefs who want to whip up delectable meals in their own kitchens, the Wine Country Culinary Institute, located at the Walla Walla Community College, will be offering cooking classes each Saturday during the month. For your $30 entry, you will enjoy instruction, a light lunch and wine tastings. This entertaining lunch will run from 11:30am – 1:30pm. For tickets, call Tourism Walla Walla at 509-525-8799.

Barb Commare, marketing and communications manager at Tourism Walla Walla, says she’s excited for the promotion to begin. “It’s so much fun putting it together and seeing the creativity of local businesses shine through.”

After three years of “February is for Foodies,” Barb has nothing but high hopes for the promotion’s future. “We want it to continue,” she says, “making it bigger and better every year.”

Of course, no celebration of Walla Walla’s food culture would be complete without wine! Many of the wineries will participate in the promotion by offering guests chocolates made locally, by chocolatiers such as Bright’s Candies, Alexander’s and Petits Noirs.

The complete list of this year’s “February is for Foodies” promotions can be found on the Tourism Walla Walla website, right here.

So, how is the weather, you ask? The weather has been quite nice this winter, with very little snow on the Snoqualmie Pass, traveling from Seattle, WA, and along I-84 from Portland, OR. Although this time of year is not known to be warm, we do have many sunny days here in Walla Walla and very little rain.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, something to entertain you, and possibly educate you, this might be just the adventure. Come and enjoy a day or two of food, wine, and fun–you might just discover your inner chef!

“Walla In Your Faces” competes at Red Monkey Trivia Night!

For most of the week, the Walla Faces Team works hard to create a great experience for the guests in our tasting rooms and inns.  But on Tuesday nights, it’s time to relax with a night of trivia at the Red Monkey Bar and Lounge in downtown Walla Walla!

Beginning at 7:00, the typical Red Monkey Trivia Night consists of five rounds of ten questions each: the first two are often themed (topics have included Latin animal names, science facts, Gandalf-or-Dumbledore quote identification ), the third is a “picture round” where teams must identify visual images printed on sheets that the host hands out, the fourth is often a movie related round, and the fifth is an “audio round” that tests players’ ability to identify sound clip that can encompass anything from hip hop samples, to musicals, to the sounds of symphonic instruments.  There’s something for everyone at trivia night.  The prize—an eight foot trophy with a monkey on top, ceremoniously presented to the winning team at the beginning of the next week’s game, and, after eight weeks, a bunch of tickets to events at the county fair.

This past Tuesday, we headed to the Red Monkey at 6:30 to save a table big enough for our group (it gets full quick!).  After ordering drinks, dinner, and some delicious Gorgonzola fries, we scribbled our usual team name—“Walla in your Faces”—on the first of our five answer sheets.  The first two rounds were general trivia.  The third was not the usual picture round, but one that required teams to examine three words and come up with another word related to all three—as in “football, car, flying” (the answer was “squad”).  For the first time, we were ahead of everyone after round four!  But the audio round is always our weakness, and this time our sparse knowledge of country music held us back.

At least the fries were delicious…we’ll get that trophy next week!

The Walla Faces Team competes at Red Monkey Trivia Night every Tuesday at 7:00pm.   Inn guests are welcome to join us as part of the team!

Join us for “Jazz & Wine Among Friends”, a benefit to support Friends of Children of Walla Walla

Aug_24_2012Walla Faces is proud to participate in the 5th annual “Jazz & Wine Among Friends”. Proceeds for this event will go directly to benefit Friends of Children of Walla Walla.

Friends of Children of Walla Walla is a local non-profit that pairs children in Walla Walla with adult mentors. Participation in mentor programs can help children communicate effectively with their parents, decrease school absences, decrease drug use, increase academic performance, increase self-confidence and more.

The various venues are staggered so that entertainment will last from 4:30pm until midnight. Walla Faces is featuring Fork in the Road, a band featuring Dr. Mark Brown, the Executive Director of Friends of Children of Walla Walla.

The venues include:

4:30-6:30: Sinclair Estate Vineyards, 109 E Main St., featuring Gary Hemenway

6:30-9:00: Walla Faces, 216 E Main St., featuring Fork in the Road

7:00-9:30: Marcy’s, Colville & Alder St., featuring the Sound Money Band

8:00-10:30: Charles Smith Wines, 35 S. Spokane St., featuring the Crawford Glenn Band

9:00-12:00: Sapolil Cellars, 15 E. Main St., Franco Paletta & the Stingers

Tickets are $25 a person for all five venues. They can be purchased at the door of any of the venues, or by stopping at the Visitor Center on Main St.

There are also “Jazz & Wine Among Friends” events on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, check out the Friends website, here.