How to Chill a Riesling

Walla Faces RieslingWe have previously talked about the importance of temperature for serving red wine. It is important for serving white wine as well.

The Walla Faces Riesling, of course, should be served chilled. At cooler temperatures, the acidity of the wine is emphasized, making the taste more pleasant and refreshing. In addition, for a sweet grape like a Riesling, warmer temperatures will cause the wine to taste cloyingly sweet.

The easiest way to chill our Riesling is simply to keep a bottle or two in the refrigerator. Then, it will be ready to go at a momentís notice.

But what should you do if your forgot to pre-chill your Riesling?

Here are some tips for getting your wine to the perfect temperature:

The ideal method: Fill a bucket up with ice and sprinkle generously with salt, which will lower the freezing temperature. Place the bottle of Riesling in the ice. After six minutes, your bottle should be perfectly chilled.

Alternative method: Wrap a wet towel around your wine bottle and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Be sure you donít forget about it, or your wine will be ruined! I recommend setting a timer.