Estate Vineyard & Winery

The Walla Walla Vineyard

The vineyard is where it all begins!  Our Walla Walla vineyard consists of seven acres of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and one and a half acres of Syrah grapes.  All of our grapes were planted in 1999.  The micro-climate of the vineyard is optimal and comparable to that of Leonetti’s Upland vineyard approximately a half mile away.  Our vineyard is one of the few that suffered no plant damage during the winter freeze of 2003-2004. 


The Winery

Between 2006 and 2008, the Port of Walla Walla built five Dr. Seuss-colored “incubator” buildings to serve as functional wineries for up-and-coming Walla Walla entrepreneurs. Walla Faces is excited to announce that we will be joining four other innovative wineries at the incubators.

Walla Faces is excited about our new winery location because it will allow us to be much more hands-on in the winemaking process. Up until now, we have done something called ‘custom crush’ and our barrels have been stored at another winery. Now, we are doing it all on our own, offering new opportunities for innovation and creativity.

We are also happy that we will be able to share the winemaking process with you. Walla Faces employees are always ecstatic to have visitors in the tasting room, and we welcome Walla Faces hotel guests and other visitors by appointment at our vineyard. However, this is the first time we will be able to share the actual act of winemaking with our customers. It is fantastic opportunity to see the production of small, local wineries in progress. You can even do a wine tasting in the bustle of the winery itself. When winter comes, we will also offer barrel tasting at the winery, letting you taste the wine as it progresses.