Fall Release Weekend is Almost (Finally) Here!

This weekend, we are expanding both our tasting menu and the bottles that we have available for sale.

Firstly, it is the grand release of Janice, the Walla Faces 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine has a core of ripe fruit that leads to an opulent but focused mid-palate. It is well built with fine grain tannin that allows it be be both balanced and expansive, lingering on the finish. This is a lush Cabernet that will age gracefully for a least 10 years.

We also have a special addition to our Tasting Menu that will be available for this weekend only. The Matthew, the Walla Faces 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, is our wine-club member exclusive wine. It is made from the free run of our estate grapes and is placed in 100% French Oak barrels. This wine possesses terrific ripeness. It is beautiful and surprisingly sweet with well-integrated tannins, plenty of black and blue fruit flavors, full body, and great balance. Although this wine is exclusive to wine club members, anyone who drops by this weekend will get a chance to taste this amazing wine. And, of course, wine club members (including new members!) are welcome to walk out with as many bottles as they would like. Although, since we only made 176 cases of this wine, it is sure to go fast!

Finally, we are releasing the 2006 Fusion, a Cab Blend, and the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon in the Magnum size. These 1.5 liter bottles will be perfect for the holiday season. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, be sure you ask about these bottles next time you are in the Walla Faces Tasting Room.

Although we are normally open for tastings between 1 and 6pm, for this weekend only we will be open from 1 to 7pm!

Drop by our Tasting Room at 216 East Main St. to get your hands on these new releases.

Behind the Scenes at the Walla Faces Wine Club


As many of you are already aware, last week Walla Faces was hard at work packing up wine club shipments! It’s always a big endeavor to get wine club shipments out to our wine club members, who live all across the United States. We thought we would show you a little bit of what goes on at wine club shipment time behind the scenes.

This is the first wine club shipment that has included a bottle of Matthew, the 2008 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. This complex, full-bodied wine is made from the free run of the Walla Faces Estate Cabernet grapes and available exclusive to wine club members. We only made 176 cases of the wine! Because this was the first shipment to include a Reserve Cab, we pulled out all the stops. Both Matthew Loso, our winemaker, and Candice Johnson, our artist, signed every single bottle of Reserve Cab! It made for both elegant bottles and very sore hands.

A polished black and white folio gave our wine club members an update on Walla Faces, information on how to best enjoy some of our new wines, and, of course, warm wishes from Rick and Debbie, the owners.

Although we only ship every six months, we spend all year brainstorming on ways to make our wine club even more special. This shipment, we included beautiful handmade glass winestoppers that looked even more stunning against our striking labels.

Bottles With Wine Stoppers

Don’t our Cabernets look beautiful adorned with these wine stoppers? In addition to our Reserve Cabernet, our wine club members received a special early release of the Janice, our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Janice will be released to the public later this year.

Everything all packed up and ready to go! Each case looks a little difference because we tailor our shipments to your preferences.

It was hard work, but we have finished and gotten our wine club members their packages, save for a few Walla Walla residents who haven’t picked up their shipments in the Walla Faces Tasting Room just yet.

If you are interested in learning more about the Walla Faces wine club, check it out on our website here. Alternatively, if you are in Walla Walla, drop by the Tasting Room at 216 East Main St.! It’s not too late to get some awesome holiday specials available only to wine club members.

Join us for “Jazz & Wine Among Friends”, a benefit to support Friends of Children of Walla Walla

Aug_24_2012Walla Faces is proud to participate in the 5th annual “Jazz & Wine Among Friends”. Proceeds for this event will go directly to benefit Friends of Children of Walla Walla.

Friends of Children of Walla Walla is a local non-profit that pairs children in Walla Walla with adult mentors. Participation in mentor programs can help children communicate effectively with their parents, decrease school absences, decrease drug use, increase academic performance, increase self-confidence and more.

The various venues are staggered so that entertainment will last from 4:30pm until midnight. Walla Faces is featuring Fork in the Road, a band featuring Dr. Mark Brown, the Executive Director of Friends of Children of Walla Walla.

The venues include:

4:30-6:30: Sinclair Estate Vineyards, 109 E Main St., featuring Gary Hemenway

6:30-9:00: Walla Faces, 216 E Main St., featuring Fork in the Road

7:00-9:30: Marcy’s, Colville & Alder St., featuring the Sound Money Band

8:00-10:30: Charles Smith Wines, 35 S. Spokane St., featuring the Crawford Glenn Band

9:00-12:00: Sapolil Cellars, 15 E. Main St., Franco Paletta & the Stingers

Tickets are $25 a person for all five venues. They can be purchased at the door of any of the venues, or by stopping at the Visitor Center on Main St.

There are also “Jazz & Wine Among Friends” events on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, check out the Friends website, here.

CMA award-winning songwriter Susan Gibson returns to Walla Faces!

1Susan Gibson is a talented musician based out of Wimberly, Texas. Her four solo albums were released with critical acclaim. We are ecstatic that we can welcome her back. Her performance skills are sure to make this a show of a lifetime.

Susan Gibson’s songwriting skills are unmatched. Indeed, the Dixie Chicks took the Gibson-penned “Wide Open Spaces” to the top of the charts for a full four weeks! But it is her amazing performance skills that make Susan a true force to be reckoned with. Her performance style is perfect in a huge variety of venues, allowing her to enchant her audience at solo, acoustic concerts at places like Walla Faces and to carry huge, boisterous bands at larger venues.  Her effervescence and energy are captivating.

It would truly be a shame to miss this intimate Susan Gibson performance. To pre-order tickets, either drop by the Walla Faces Tasting Room, or order online here. Tickets are $10 each.

The concert takes place Thursday, August 23rd, 2012, from 7-9pm at the Walla Faces Tasting Room on 216 East Main St. See you there!

Pairing on Main, a benefit for the Providence St. Mary Cancer Center

granfondo3Walla Faces is excited to participate in the 8th Annual Providence St. Mary Gran Fondo: Pairing on Main. This event, created to benefit people with cancer, offers an amazing opportunity to taste dishes by some of Walla Walla’s best restaurants, paired with local wines. 100% of the proceeds go to the Special Needs Fund at the Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center in Walla Walla, which provides support ranging from medication to wigs to supportive undergarments for breast cancer patients. Join us on September 29, 2012 from 6-8:30pm for this inspiring celebration of our town that helps those of us most in need of assistance.

The Providence St. Mary Gran Fondo event is becoming a tradition, showing Walla Walla’s dedication to helping those in need. “Gran Fondo”, which means “the Great Ride” in Italian, is a European tradition that is perfectly captured when traveling across the beautiful eastern Washington landscape. The Pairing on Main, one component of the Providence St. Mary Gran Fondo, is the perfect way to admire the downtown area, getting the quintessential Walla Walla food and wine experience.

At each winery location, participants will have the opportunity to taste the wine and eat a small plate of perfectly paired food. Walla Faces will be matched with the Backstage Bistro.

backstage-bistroThe complete list of pairings includes:
Otis Kenyon/Green Spoon
Rotie Cellars/Brasserie Four
Chataeu Rollat/Aloha Sushi
DaMa Wines/the Marc
The Chocolate Shop/Bright’s Candy and Frosted
Sinclair Estates Vineyards/Graze
Walla Faces/Backstage Bistro

After the event, come back to Walla Faces and listen to our weekend music lineup. Ben Bullington, a Montana-based folk artist, will be playing in the Tasting Room until 9pm.

Tickets for the pairing on Main cost $40 each and can be purchased at the Cancer Center at 401 West Poplar St. They are only selling 150 tickets, so be sure to make your plans early!

In addition the Pairing on Main, Providence St. Mary has a series of other Gran Fondo events. More information about these can be found here.

Entry fees are half price for cancer survivors and for those who are still in treatment.

Not in Walla Walla? Alaska Airlines, who is sponsoring the event, is offering a special discount to get you to the Gran Fondo. Travel to Walla Walla via Alaska between September 26 and October 2 and get a 10% discount. For the discount, enter ECMU09 in the discount box.

A menu so nice, we’re serving it thrice!

If you missed out on this scrumptious food and wine pairing menu, you’re in luck! We will be serving it again both on Wednesday, August 8 (6-8pm) and on Sunday, August 12 (3-6pm). We are also adding a discount if you choose to try all four bites!

So, what menu is warrants this special attention?

Well, one that has these delicious mini-pies, for a start!

The Fusion was paired with a crispy risotto cake filled with creamy Asiago and fresh-picked chive. (Some of you may remember the risotto we paired with the Fusion on Valentine’s day! Risotto is a great match for this wine.)

We matched the Syrah with a trio of mushrooms (crimini, button, and shiitake), shallots, garlic, and herbs, cooked in a red wine sauce, served on an herbed crostini. Both the Syrah and its pairing are hearty, meaty and, of course, delicious!

The Riesling was paired with a modern twist on a fish & chip. The crispy, fried, hand-breaded tilapia was perched on top of a homemade thick-cut potato crisp and served with a spicy chili-citrus aioli.

Finally, my personal favorite was paired with the ice wine! A mini peach and apricot tartlet simply oozed flavor and perfectly complimented the stone fruit flavors of the ice wine. This mini pie was filled with thick ripe peaches and apricots and brushed with a glaze made from fresh local honey.

Thanks to Sipid Bites for the wonderful catering!

Walla Faces had an amazing menu of food and wine pairings!

Once again, our delicious menu of tapas catered by Sipid Bites paired perfectly with the Walla Faces wines.

We paired the Fusion with a stuffed mushroom. The rich and intense Rogue Creamery Bleu cheese had a hint of perfume of lemon. It surrounded pieces of pancetta in a crimini, perfectly harmonizing with the smoothness of the Fusion. This was the crowd favorite. One couple was so enamored with the pairing that we had to call Sarah, the Chef, out of the kitchen to come meet them!


The Syrah was paired with a unique grilled cheese sandwich: the smokey and creamy Gouda played off of the tartness of a Rainier cherry chutney in the perfect brioche bread.


The Riesling was paired with a delicious, light pastry. The airy puffs were rolled with parmesan, lemon zest, fresh parsley and lemon thyme, creating a summery combination when added to the Riesling.


Finally, my favorite pairing was the ice wine. A sweet thick apricot was topped with toasted sage and wrapped in mapley bacon. People who visit the Tasting Room often are unsure of what they should pair with the ice wine. I typically recommend a savory pairing. Bacon plays off of the ice wine perfectly, balancing out the sweetness. The apricot nose of the ice wine finds its counterpart in the juicy, roasted apricot in the tapas. Hopefully this will help inspire some of you to come up with some great, creative pairings to go with the Walla Faces ice wine!

These pairings happen every Wednesday (6-8pm) and Sunday (3-6pm). We’re changing up the menu on Sunday, so come see what other fun pairings we have up our sleeves!