A Message From Rick and Debbie Johnson

More than two years ago, Walla Faces began featuring live music as part of its “Arts” program.  We initially started with music one night a week and gradually built it to five nights a week this summer.  It has been a fun project and very rewarding to see all of the local talent play in our tasting room.   Many of our local performers have impressively grown and expanded their musical skills over the last couple of years.  I like to think we played a small part in that development by offering them our venue in which to play.

In addition to our many talented local performers, we have had many nationally known performers play in our tasting room.  It is hard to believe we had the likes of The Posies, Randy Hansen, Susan Gibson and many other nationally known performers play right here in Walla Walla.  And of course, the capstone and high point of the last two years was Walla Faces promoting and sponsoring Peter Frampton playing in Walla Walla at Cordiner Hall.  For me that will definitely be a life memory.

Along with the music program, Walla Faces has also grown.  Since we first opened our doors a little over two years ago, we have been pleasantly surprised about the acceptance of the Walla Faces wine brand.   Our wine sales have been growing.  Continued growth is going to require changes on our part to increase our production to meet demand.  Up until now, we have been sharing our wine making with another local winery.  We now are moving into our own winery out by the airport.  This move will help us to increase our production and have better control of our product.  It is also going to require more time on our part to monitor the wine and expanded production.

Starting November 1, we are going to have to suspend our music program for the near several months because of these new time constraints.    We hope to bring back music in one form or another in the future.  We are exploring many options to include music as part of our tasting room and winery experience.

We sincerely appreciate your warm support and hope to see you in the tasting room, or at the airport winery – especially when we have special events to share with YOU!  Please stop in and say hello!  We will be open downtown on a daily basis from 1-6pm.  We are working on our hours at the airport, but they will be mostly on the weekends.  Again, please do stay in touch!

Rick & Debbie Johnson and the entire Walla Faces Team