A menu so nice, we’re serving it thrice!

If you missed out on this scrumptious food and wine pairing menu, you’re in luck! We will be serving it again both on Wednesday, August 8 (6-8pm) and on Sunday, August 12 (3-6pm). We are also adding a discount if you choose to try all four bites!

So, what menu is warrants this special attention?

Well, one that has these delicious mini-pies, for a start!

The Fusion was paired with a crispy risotto cake filled with creamy Asiago and fresh-picked chive. (Some of you may remember the risotto we paired with the Fusion on Valentine’s day! Risotto is a great match for this wine.)

We matched the Syrah with a trio of mushrooms (crimini, button, and shiitake), shallots, garlic, and herbs, cooked in a red wine sauce, served on an herbed crostini. Both the Syrah and its pairing are hearty, meaty and, of course, delicious!

The Riesling was paired with a modern twist on a fish & chip. The crispy, fried, hand-breaded tilapia was perched on top of a homemade thick-cut potato crisp and served with a spicy chili-citrus aioli.

Finally, my personal favorite was paired with the ice wine! A mini peach and apricot tartlet simply oozed flavor and perfectly complimented the stone fruit flavors of the ice wine. This mini pie was filled with thick ripe peaches and apricots and brushed with a glaze made from fresh local honey.

Thanks to Sipid Bites for the wonderful catering!